Here’s A Joke: The Toronto Maple Leafs. The End.


Thursday, October 1, 2009. Toronto Maple Leafs fans have had this day circled on their calendars since the Leafs’ inglourious end to the 2008-09 NHL season. Over the course of the off-season, GM Brian Burke and Assistant GM Dave Nonis have retooled the Leafs, supposedly transforming them into a tough and truculent team. We shall see. Today, with a day left before the official start of the 2009-10 NHL season, Toronto fans have already been promised they’ll see the Leafs in the playoffs for the first time in four years, and there is a considerable buzz around the team. Of course, in Toronto, every year is The Year.

Leafs Stink
In honour of the Leafs’ annual ineptitude and their fans’ annual irrational optimism, a few Leaf jokes to start the season. Feel free to leave your own. Or you can just steal these. That’s what I did. Sorry Dean Blundell Show. (i’m not really sorry)

Q. Where is the red-light district located in Toronto?
A. Behind the Leafs’ net.

Q. What do the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors and Toronto Blue Jays all have in common?
A. They all wish they could play hockey.

On Notice

Q. What happens when Hamilton gets a Bona Fide NHL team?
A. Toronto will want one too.

Q. What does a Leafs fan do after Toronto wins the Stanley Cup?
A. Turns off his Xbox.


2 responses to “Here’s A Joke: The Toronto Maple Leafs. The End.

  1. Ha ha, way to steal material. At least write your own stuff, loser.

  2. Hi Jokes,

    Let’s break down your intelligent comment, shall we?

    “way to steal material”
    Thanks for that. It was tough remembering all those jokes to steal. But I did it. Just like pretty much everything else on the Internet, and just like most of your humour and jokes, if you have any once you’re finished crying about your lack of a penis.

    “At least write your own stuff, loser”
    You’ve got me there. As evidenced by a) the posting that preceded the jokes, and b) the rest of this blog, I clearly don’t write my own stuff. Good observation skills there, junior. Also, perhaps you failed to notice the line where I admit I stole the jokes, and credit their original source. Probably because you can’t actually read, and you had your mommy read you the big words, after the pictures of Maple Leafs drew you in. I hope she learned how to read in between hooking.

    Finally, you call me a “loser”. Well, I guess we’re all entitled to our opinion. For instance, someone might call you a loser for having wasted your time not only reading my blog, but for taking the time to think of a witty comment which you clearly did) and then actually taking the trouble to post it. Bravo.

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