Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal, Bank of

Am I the only person who sees the irony in Bank of Montreal (BMO) being the official bank of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Maybe Leaf fans just don’t really know what the word “irony” is nor have any comprehension of its meaning or context.


If it were Toronto-Dominion (TD) in as the official bank of the Toronto Maple Leafs, well that would just make perfect sense. And BMO would sponsor Les Canadiens and the world would be a better place. But somehow, the greatest rivalry in the NHL and certainly one of the greatest historical sports rivalries of all time has been perverted to such a degree that a company hailing from the hometown of our heated and hated rivals has come to be a major sponsor of our Leafs.

Meanwhile, Les Canadiens don’t seem to have any bank as their official sponsor (but Bell sure loves those Habs). Does that make sense to you? Tell me, because I’d love to know.

Oh the crazy world of corporate sponsorships… where will you take us next?


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